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The threat to your business has never been higher than it is now. The importance of your data to the success of your business has never been greater. Your data is the lifeblood of your business - you cannot live without it.

Ransomware is the biggest threat to your data right now. As the threat evolves to target your backups, you need a corporate backup solution that combats the evolving threat. Our backups stop the Attack Loops they use and ensure you can restore your data quickly, when needed.


of companies go out of business with six months of a major data loss.

Our advanced cloud backup will prevent data loss from sinking your business.

It's fast, reliable, secure and probably costs less than you might imagine.

The Threats are Multiplying

Are You Protected from ALL Threats?

Our unique services leverage your cloud backup to keep you in business, whatever the threat. 

20 years ago

The biggest threats to your data were user error, theft and fire. Your Disaster Recovery solution was to take the latest backup tape off-site every night.

Viruses and malware already existed, but the limited use of the internet limited the problem.

10 years ago

Viruses were added to the Threat List, but corporate anti-virus products helped to protect you.

Whilst ransomware has been around since 1989, the threats from CryptoWall and TorrentLocker in 2014 really brought them to prominence.


Now, it is ever more complex ransomware and hackers that pose the biggest threat to your data, and, therefore, to your business. High profile ransomware attacks on Travelex, various US cities and many others show the chaos these attacks can create – and the cost of resolving the situation.

 The complexity of the threat, and the sheer rate of change, makes planning and budgeting difficult unless you have a partner who will do just that. Data2Vault, powered by Asigra, has a range of services that stay ahead of the threat – and keep you protected.

Does your Backup Solution really Protect You?

Has it kept up with how ransomware is evolving?

As the threats to your data get more complex, many backup providers are struggling to keep up.The reason we chose Asigra as our preferred corporate backup solution is that they have planned ahead. They recognised the way threats were heading and built it into their development roadmap. With your backup data being your last line of defence, you need to be confident it will always be there for you.  
At Data2Vault our portfolio of solutions is designed to get you back on your feet when disaster strikes.

In today’s technology environment, it is a case of WHEN, and not IF!

If protected by Data2Vault, when you are attacked, we will get your business running again quickly!

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