Don’t be the next Ransomware headline from the IT, Telecoms and Software Sector, for all the wrong reasons

You are not the ultimate target they want to get to your clients, don’t let them succeed

Your reputation is everything, if you can’t safeguard your own data and backups how can a client trust you to safeguard their data. IT, Telecoms and Software companies are the top targets for ransomware gangs, they want you because of your connections. It is critical to prepare for When you are breached, Not If, and we can help

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IT, Telecoms and Software sector ransomware

IT’s not just you, its your customers they are after – and its happening every day Why is this happening? Are you protected and what do you need to do to combat this threat? Whether it’s the national carriers at Argentina Telecoms and Sri Lanka Telecom, software vendors like Solar Winds and Software AG or […]