Our Five Step Process to Protecting remote laptops

laptop user working from home

Remote working is a requirement right now. Once the coronavirus lockdown comes to an end, it is likely that most people will still be encouraged to work from home. This may even lead to a bigger, more permanent, move to remote working for many companies. There are, however, issues around remote working, particularly relating to security and to data backup. This is the five step process we use for protecting remote laptops, specifically the data. Our next article will cover IT security.

Data2Vault works with Asigra. Asigra is a proven, reliable and efficient backup service for safeguarding data generated by remote workers. All the necessary laptop backup software and offsite vault infrastructure is available within a single low-cost service fee. In a simple 5 step process we can protect from hundreds to thousands of laptops.

Deployment Setup

We create a mass deployment package for the organisation. This allows the backup software to be easily rolled out. It sets up the files and folders to be protected. It then schedules the times for backup, while maintaining high level of security and privacy.


The mass deployment package is distributed using corporate utilities like Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) or via web download. The users are registered and validated before an initial backup runs. If the laptop numbers are low the backup software can be download via the web, but this will mean you relying on your staff to do what they need to.

First Backup

The first backup captures all user data based on the folders and file type that has been configured in the mass deployment package. All data is de-duplicated, compressed and encrypted before it is transmitted offsite to the offsite vault infrastructure. The first step has been taken and, if something happens, this data is now secure and can be restored.

Incremental backups

All subsequent backups then collect incremental changes each day. Whether that is changes to existing documents or new material. Providing the laptop is switched on, and is connecting to the internet the daily backup will run. If a backup is interrupted the service resumes when it is able, and follows a process to ensure that no data is missed.

Backup monitoring

The status of each backup is monitored through a secure web portal, our Network Operations Centre (NOC), which also provides the management controls. If backups are missed for a lengthy period, you can take the necessary action, perhaps calling the person with that laptop to get them to connect to the internet, so the backup can be completed.
Our resellers and Corporate IT staff are provided with a login to the NOC to manage their backups as per company policy. Asigra can backup Windows and Mac laptops with dedicated Lite versions of the Asigra client software.
If coronavirus and the lockdown has meant you’ve rolled out 100’s of laptops to staff so they can work from home, our Asigra-based solution can quickly secure the data these staff are creating, if it isn’t going onto the corporate network.

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