Author: Mark Saville

Mark has been working in the enterprise backup space since 2007. As a co-founder of Data2Vault, he believes that data recovery and cyber security are rapidly converging, and is working to improve the awareness of recovery from cyber attacks across UK businesses.

Data2Vault releases Ransomware Recovery capability for MS365 files

Data2Vault extends its existing malware detection and recovery from ransomware services to MS365 to combat evolving ransomware Data2Vault, an Asigra Hybrid Partner, today announced it has now added the scanning of data in MS365 OneDrive and SharePoint files, detecting zero day exploits during both the backup and recovery processes, to its existing ransomware detection and […]

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Could your business survive an incident, such as a fire or ransomware attack?

If I had a £1 for every time I’ve been told “it won’t happen to us”! However, history and experience tells us that disasters and serious breaches do happen and if adequate preparations have not been undertaken, history also tells us that there is a significant risk that the organisation will not recover, and will […]

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Asigra wins Tech Award

As you know, Data2Vault’s cyber security solutions are built around Asigra technology. So it gives us a real sense of pride to see that Asigra’s cloud backup product has recently been awarded the Storage Innovation of the Year in the 2020 Data Breakthrough Awards.  The Data Breakthrough Awards are all about recognising the best companies, products and services in […]

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Protecting remote workers and your company data

This blog was produced in conjunction with Bob’s Business, a leading provider of cyber security awareness training and Partner of Data2vault. With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, cyber security has never been as important to organisations of all sizes as it is right now. IT departments across the country have been put under unprecedented pressure and […]

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